In partnership with NH Music Collective, Sap House Meadery will host singer/songwriter Jud Caswell on Thursday, March 14th at 5:30 p.m.

Part of Sap House Meadery’s second season of monthly shows, Dinner & Show Concerts
feature world-class musicians and themed fixed-menu dinners. “Artists come from diverse backgrounds and weave their stories and music together in ways that can only happen in a venue like Sap House,” said Co-Owner Matt Trahan. “Guests have the opportunity to meet and talk to the artist following the show, too.”

For Caswell, Sap House Meadery represents his preferred style of venue. “I want it to feel like we are in a living room anywhere,” he said. “That sense of intimacy is really important to me.”

That sense of intimacy, he noted, is enhanced when there are no screens present. “With a live performance, there is nothing between you and the performer—I think we need more of that,” said Caswell. “Live performance is the antidote to virtual reality. It is literal reality.”

As for what people can expect at the performance, Caswell will perform music from his recently released album, The Homebound Hooligans, a collection of Irish and folk music. Originally recorded in 2020 as part of Caswell’s Morning Cordial video series, the album features not just Caswell’s vocal abilities, but his instrumental prowess, as he plays a variety of instruments.

“I won’t be able to play all the instruments at Sap House at the same time like on the album,” laughed Caswell. “However, I think people will still get the sense of the album, which feels like a traditional Scottish and Irish social gathering—It will be a lot of fun.

Featuring a tasting room and pub with a full food menu and indoor and outdoor seating, Sap House Meadery features events throughout the year.